Alex Dorfsman/Elías Cattan


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The exhibition was proposed as a platform for reflecting on the importance of water and our responsibility for its care. The display integrated a photo essay by the artist Alex Dorfsman that promotes a visual approach to the different situations and textures in which water is found in our environment today. It also presented part of the research carried out by architect Elías Cattan and the regenerative architecture studio Taller13, condensed in a series of infographics about water and its situation in the world and our most immediate environment. For this exhibit, Cattan made a model of the Valley of Mexico River Basin that reveals the area’s topography, as well as the existence of different aquatic elements (lakes and rivers) that have been lost due to the growth of the city. The exhibit activation program was led by Angélica Cortés, who was assisted and accompanied throughout the process by the host museum’s team. The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a book, Habitar el agua: un acercamiento a la cuenca del valle de México.

—Josefa Ortega y Rodrigo Cimancas

Curators: inSite/Casa Gallina staff
Final Project: Interactive educational installation constructed in the Geology Museum located in the center of Santa María la Ribera.