Alex Dorfsman/Elías Cattan


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Inhabit the Water: An Approach to the Basin of the Valley of Mexico (Habitar el agua: un acercamiento a la cuenca del Valle de México) was conceived to encourage residents of Santa María La Ribera to assume an active role in the use and preservation of water. The book records the transformation of the lacustrine landscape of the Valley of Mexico, which was gradually drained as a result of urban development.

Included in the book is an essay by Elías Cattan dedicated to the problematic of the human role in the use and preservation of water. It also offers a series of info-photographs about the topic taken while Cattan and Taller 13 were working on their research. Also included is a photographic essay by Alex Dorfsman, offering a visual perspective about the different states of water in a wide range of contexts. The book is complemented by a series of useful tips for the responsible use and preservation of water.

Curators: inSite/Casa Gallina staff
Final Project: Interactive educational installation constructed in the Geology Museum located in the center of Santa María la Ribera.