Aernout Mik

(Netherlands, 1962)


Related Material

Aernout Mik has created a video installation entitled Osmosis and Excess that interweaves images of junkyards in Tijuana’s urban periphery with fictional scenes depicting a local pharmacy inundated with mud. Used cars flow from the United States to Mexico where they are eventually broken down and discarded on Tijuana’s barren hillsides. Moving in the other direction, cheap drugs flow from Tijuana into the United States through Tijuana drugstores that have a particular design intended to attract US customers. The abandoned cars and the medications represent different manifestations of excess. Both modify a landscape: one inner, the other outer. The film was shot on high-definition video in a panoramic format to best illustrate the depicted landscapes.

Osmosis and Excess was installed in the Parkade parking facility in downtown San Diego. Located near San Diego’s baseball stadium, Petco Park, the San Diego Convention Center, and San Diego’s commercial and tourist hub, the Gaslamp Quarter, the site stands at the intersection of diverse and varied public flows. A wide range of individuals made use of the parking facility, including tourists, employees working in downtown, and shoppers. Mik employed three suspended computerized projectors to create a high-definition panoramic image that floated above the stationed cars like a phantasmagoria.

Curators: Osvaldo Sánchez and Donna Conwell
Venue: Parkade parking facility, San Diego