Posición Errante, 1994

Yukinori Yanagi, Wandering Position

Japanese artist Yukinori Yanagi contributed two distinct installations titled Wandering Position/Vagamundos and America, which were installed at the Santa Fe Depot and the downtown space of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, respectively. Yanagi’s work America had been installed previously in variations at different institutions around the world. For this installation the artist chose to include thirty-six flags of each country of the Americas in his elaborate ant farm. Over the course of the exhibition the ants created tunnels through the various flags and the colored sand that was used was gradually mixed, thereby creating new symbols.

For Wandering Position Yanagi placed four steel angle beams in a square on the floor of the Baggage Building at the Santa Fe Depot. The artist then set loose one ant that he proceeded to follow for a set duration while marking its trail with a pink piece of chalk. The performance resulted in a random pattern on the floor that made visible the physical activity of one ant.

Organizer: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Curators: Lynda Forsha and Kathryn Kanjo
Venue: Santa Fe Depot, San Diego, and Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (downtown location)

Additional project sponsors
California Arts Council; City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture; Contributors to Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego 1994 Annual Fund; National Endowment for the Arts; Reliance Metalcenter; The Good Guys