Trolley, 1994

Diego Gutiérrez Coppe, Trolley, inSITE94 (interview)

Mexico City artist Diego Gutiérrez Coppe chose to work at the Casa de la Cultura Municipal. Titled Trolley/Tranvía, Gutiérrez created an installation connecting two rooms that once were one, and now had been divided by a wall. Using an electric toy train track and a specially outfitted train car resembling an armored vehicle or an armadillo, the artist had the train car run from one side of the constructed wall through a hallway to the other side of the wall into the other room, never able to transverse the wall but rather calling attention to the division of the space.

Curator: Kathleen Stoughton
Organizer: Mesa College Art Gallery
Venue: Casa de la Cultura Municipal, Tijuana