Dust: A Critical Reflection on the Impact of Mining in Mexico, April-August, 2018

This exhibition was presented as a platform of critical reflection about open-pit mining activity that is being developed in Mexico. It presented a project commissioned from inSITE/Casa Gallina to the artist Miguel Fernández de Castro, titled Geological History of Dust, which reflects on one of the waste materials of open-pit mining, the so-called “tailings.” Together with the artist’s proposal, infographics and other informative material were displayed that enabled the neighbors to have a critical vision of the extraction of commonly used minerals. The corollary education program was led by Angélica Cortés. It focused on discussing the everyday use of minerals and the environmental cost of their extraction and uncontrolled consumption with students from high schools and preparatory schools. During the exhibition period, visiting groups were received during the 6th Encounter with the Earth event and the Blue Planet: Exploring the House that We Share summer course organized by inSite/Casa Gallina from July–August 2018 for local elementary school students.

—Josefa Ortega y Rodrigo Cimancas

Curators: inSite_Casa Gallina staff
Final Project: Interactive educational installation presented in the Geology Museum located in the center of Santa María la Ribera

Activations: Angélica Cortés, José Camargo Ángeles, staff Anfitriones del museo.