Duet, 2000

For New York-based artist Lorna Simpson, her inSITE2000 project Duet/Dueto was the first color film she had produced. The work was envisioned as a dual projection using two projectors to create a diptych effect where two narratives could unfold in parallel. Filmed exclusively at sites in Tijuana and San Diego, including a hospital, bar, newspaper factory, office, and a home, with the participation of eight local actors, Simpson spent four days with her crew on the film shoot. The final film was on view at the Centro Cultural Tijuana from November 2000 through February 2001.

Curators: Susan Buck-Morss, Ivo Mesquita, Osvaldo Sánchez, and Sally Yard
Venue: Centro Cultural Tijuana

Neil Kendricks
Patricia Higuera López
Nica Lynn Penn
Alanna Perez
Nicholas Peters
Raquel Presa
Mona Wyatt
Edward Wylie

Lorna Simpson – director
Tom Hayes – director of photography
Barry Congrove – assistant camera
Bruce Livenspager – gaffer
Tobin Yelland – videographer and production photography
Rod Spencer – lighting
Emmanuel Buclatin – sound
Alexandra Yalakidis – editor
Eungie Joo – Production coordinator
Pamela Vander Zwan – still photography assistant
Valerie Fowler – make-up
Ivan Díaz – production assistant
Maria Orozco – translator
Mandé Suarez – translator
Jeff Livingston – post production, Digital Outpost

Randy S. Robbins, AIA – Austin Veum Robbins Parshalle
The Lamplighter
Dr. César Amescua, Dr. Jorge Zazala, Dr. Alicia Nishikawa – Centro Médico Zendo
Alfredo Alvarez Fracischini – Restaurant Jardin, Centro Cultural
Periodico Frontera
Carmen Cuenca