INSITE Journal
Olinda Silvano Inuma Reshinjabe

Olinda Silvano Inuma Reshinjabe (Paoyhan, Peru, 1969) is a world- renowned artist, activist for cultural rights and diversity, and promoter of the art of her Shipibo-Konibo cultural heritage. She was recognized as a meritorious figure of culture by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. She has also been recognized by the Congress of the Republic of Peru, the Women’s Ministry, and the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, among others. The book El día que la abuela me regaló los colores del kené, co-authored with Julio César Vega and published in 2020, received special mention from the National Literature Prize (2021 edition), in the category of Children’s and Youth Literature. Recently, her work was included in the exhibition Arctic/Amazon: Networks of Global Indigeneity at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, in Toronto, Canada.