For INSITE, 2020 was originally envisioned primarily as a year of thinking and planning for the seventh version of the project. As a key component of that process, several small groups of generous interlocutors (artists, curators, writers, and others) had agreed to convene in San Diego/Tijuana over the summer to work with the INSITE team to imagine what form the next version might take. Our expectation was that the year would include several public programs at venues throughout the border region.

The current state of world affairs has prompted many cultural institutions to reassess their priorities and reconsider what role they should realistically assume in the many communities that they serve. Our plan is to remain active and positive during the next several months by allocating our resources and the time of our remarkable staff to developing projects that foster dialog and the exchange of challenging perspectives.

The first such project is Viewpoints, a new initiative that will expand the scope of the INSITE Journal by inviting writers, artists, and arts professionals (including the group of interlocutors that were invited at the beginning of the year) to address the general subjects proposed by the published issues of the INSITE Journal through videos that will be shared on our website and through social media. Consistent with INSITE’s history, we consider it enormously important to promote public interaction and participation (especially when that participation is discouraged by physical or invisible constraints), provide forums for discourse with significant voices, and inspire thinking about the essential questions facing cultural practice today.