Conversations Erratic Fields

In August 2022, INSITE invited artists, curators, and researchers from the region interested in different aesthetics, anthropological, and political approaches to landscape to participate in a five-day expedition and dialogue at a nature reserve in San Quintin, Baja California. Conversations were held through specific questions and readings focused on geography, scale, the nomadic, and the sedimentary, as well as oral presentations of participants’ recent projects. The conversations and interviews have evolved into new art commissions and writing for the upcoming INSITE Journal dedicated to “Erratic Fields”.

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Greg Sholette
Artist, Writer, Activist

CLOSEUP Patricia Patterson, La Casita en la Colonia Altamira, Calle Rio de Janeiro No. 6757, Tijuana, inSITE94

The Local Turn, Miguel A. López, Gabi Ngcobo and Andrea Torreblanca

CLOSEUP Louis Hock, International Waters/Aguas internacionales, INSITE97.

COMMONPLACES Q & A with Andrea Torreblanca, Director of Curatorial Projects at INSITE

Sally Stein
Dialogue 3/ Geography, Imagination, and Traffic in the Everyday

CLOSEUP Miguel Calderón, Taxímetro, INSITE97.

CLOSEUP, Mônica Nador, Project at Maclovio Rojas, inSITE2000