The Sedimentary Effect Test

/ Editor-Curator

Andrea Torreblanca (Mexico) is a curator and writer from Mexico, and the Director of Curatorial Projects at INSITE.

  • Erratic Fields
  • Offshore: Economies within Ecologies
  • The Timeless Way of Building
  • Abstract Worlds: The Spiritual Realm

For The Sedimentary Effect, Baja California-based editor-curator Andrea Torreblanca has envisioned a two-year process focused on tracing micro-histories in which phenomena, geopolitics, ecology, spiritualism, and architecture intersect. The title references the sedimentary in two ways, geological and human, to interlink different layers of chronicles from native-born and longstanding residents as well as those of travelers and nomads.

The project, including the INSITE Journal and Conversations, will unfold through a framework divided into four points of departure: Erratic Fields, Offshore: Economies within Ecologies, Utopian Architectures, and Abstract Worlds: The Psychological Realm. For each of these themes, Torreblanca will engage artists, writers, and thinkers through commissioned texts, interviews, and films, and will integrate additional archival material related to specific historical accounts that stem from the region.